Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Response To The Overwhelming Amount of Support

I am at a loss for words today. I have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to my blog. Everyday, I get lots and lots of comments from people wondering how I do it. It sounds like it would be incredibly difficult to do, but with a little coordination and a lot of coercing I manage. I have become a master a juggling multiple things at one time. Example, the washer is going, food is cooking on the stove, I am updating my blog, And keeping my 4 and 2 yr old from destroying my home. And you throw in a little discipline, and a lot of laughter. And let's not forget that you become very good at coordinating the chaos.

I find that the laughter is almost crucial. When you walk into a room and find your 4 yr old son is swinging on a makeshift swing, you just have to laugh. Of course, you think about the possibiity that your child could fall, and do major damage to the floor with their head. And you promptly remind them, that tying a rope between the bunkbeds and swinging on it is not the best thing to do. But you just have to find the humor in it, lest you lose your mind. And that is just typical in my home.

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DEL said...

I respect the heck out of you. I have three boys who are 8,14 and 16 and I seriously get depressed when they act up. My 16 year old is always in trouble with the law giving me grief and thats not even the half of it. The other two are ok for now. Do you pray a lot? Keep up the good work!