Thursday, March 27, 2008

The fashion model

One of my favorite pictures of my daughter. She was given a Hannah Montana wig for Christmas along with some clothes for dress up. She wore that wig until it wore out and was shedding hair.

When I snapped this picture, my husband was in the hospital with pneumonia, and I was at home with all of the kids by myself. I was slowly losing my mind. My mind was struggling to unwind from another long day at work. And as I was sitting in my room preparing for the next day, in walked my daughter with the wig on. She looked so cute and grown up. I just couldn't help but laugh. I grabbed my phone and snapped the picture. It was one of those moments that are hard to repeat.

I am very fond of moments like this. It reminds me that life is too short to not find something to smile about everyday. So, take the time today to smile, and enjoy the little things in life.

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TroubleX2 said...

Sometimes kids know just the right time to make us feel better. Too Cute!