Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Craziness Returns.....At Least In Part

Oh what a joy it is to come home from work to a noisy house. We are still short two children......but the noise level was just booming.

When I came home last night, my 2 yr old was back home, and my 4 yr old is sick and wheezing. But they were in rare form. They were supposed to be lying down on the couch watching tv. But, as usual they were doing anything but. It started when my baby girl kept stealing her brothers blanket....even though she had her own. So, now my son is screaming and she is screaming to be heard over him. And I am trying to keep the peace. That is my job in my home, I am the peacekeeper. I talk soft, but I carry a big stick. I can command attention just by raising my to be heard over the screams. It is amazing how quickly a child will be quiet and still when you remind them that their bedroom is just footsteps away. We gave them a few hours to settle in before sending them off to bed. And that once again is where the fun starts.

My son, since he is sick just went to bed. My daughter is a different story. She will not sleep in a bed alone. And, I remember ging through the same thing with her brother when he was the same age. You can put her in bed a million times and she just screams like your trying to kill her. Then she jumps out of bed and runs into my room and hops ino my bed. This goes on for what seems like forever. Or until I put her out and lock the door. Well, I kicked her out last night, and she did her usual thing of standing at my door and screaming at the top of her lungs. This behavior does not bother me, but my husband is a different story. When he came out of the bathroom he unlocked the door, and in came my daughter running at full speed. She smiled and looked at me as if to say "HA! My daddy does everything I want him to do." So, thanks to my husband I was elbowed in the face, had feet stuck in my back, and the inability to be up close and personal with my husband. Nothing is worse.

Well maybe today I can get her to go to sleep before we do. But I do need to remember to remind the babysitter not to let my daughter take a nap.

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TroubleX2 said...

Oh no! Time for mom to put her foot down, and dad needs ear plugs :)