Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ambitious Plans.....Maybe

I have come up with a rather ambitious game plan for our families financial health. As I was lying in bed today I started digging into our financial status. Searching for an answer as to why we struggle so hard to stay afloat. And I discovered something, We aren't as broke as what I thought. I did what all families should be doing, I looked at what we bring in and what goes out. And I put the two together and discovered that we, like so many other people in this country do, we overspend.

Well, I have come up with a solution. Since we get paid every 2 weeks, I am going to work our budget around that. That means everything will be divided in half. Unfortunately it won't work for everything. But almost every bill that we have to pay every month can be divided up and paid that way.

So, I drafted up a contract, that I will be presenting to my husband tonight when he gets home. Hopefully, he will be receptive to the plan. I know he might moan and groan a little bit, especially since it means that we will both have an allowance now. No more free reign with the debit cards. That means, I have to do the painful thing and ask him to surrender his card. And I have to do the same.

I do hope this plan works. Lord knows that money is getting tighter and tighter for everyone in our country. It seems like everyday it gets worse. But, with a little planning and a little praying we will get through it. If people survived the last recession and the Great Depression, we can survive this crunch.

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Melissa said...

I think this is a great post. I came to this realization a few months ago myself. I suppose the reason I did is because I finally had a moment to really look at everything. What I learned is that if I'm really tight with certain things then I will be able to get all the big things that I want. Like great holidays etc.

I've been watching your blog on LR since I log-in everyday and have three sites to maintain, and your blog has blown me away. I've not see any get so much traffic and such great reviews so quickly.

congrats you sure found a niche.

keep it up